Acmella Oleracea (Spilanthes acmella) Extract as a cosmetic ingredient to help skin care

Aging problems such as skin laxity, sagging, lack of plumpness, loss of elasticity, etc. have a significant impact on visual age. Especially mature skin over the age of 50, the skin is not firm, and the wrinkles and fine lines are clustered, which will make them look old.

Generally speaking, when it comes to facial relaxation, lack of plumpness, wrinkles, etc., people can't help but think of collagen. Indeed, collagen loss with age is a very common phenomenon.

However, the internal causes of skin relaxation and shrinkage are not only the loss of collagen, but also a number of factors such as the decline of dermal fibroblast activity, the reduction of elastic fibers, and the loss of subcutaneous fat. Therefore, some emerging ingredients to deal with relaxation and shrinkage deserve our attention.

1. Spilanthes acmella (Acmella Oleracea) extract - enhances fibroblast viability

With age, there are fewer fixed fibroblasts and fewer interactions between fibroblasts and the extracellular matrix, resulting in less firm skin, sagging, and deeper wrinkles.

Spilanthes acmella (Golden Button Flower) can stimulate the natural vitality of fibroblasts from the inside, stimulate the contractile force of fibroblasts (that is, the interaction between cells and collagen fibers increases), reduce wrinkles from the outside, smooth the skin, showing Clearly visible effect.

Purchasing golden button flower extract from greenstoneswiss, as a cosmetic ingredient, it can enhance the natural contractility of fibroblasts, and the effect is immediate and dose-dependent.

Clinical trials have also shown that Acmella Oleracea extract can visibly, quickly and significantly reduce wrinkle depth and volume, with both immediate and long-lasting results.

2. Seasoning Jiulixiang Stem Extract

Studies that promote elastic fiber production show a clear link between the effects of gravity and skin sagging. In the upright posture of the maximum gravity, the lower part of the face will change, resulting in nasolabial fold wrinkles, lip wrinkles, etc.; while in the supine position with the least gravity, the deep skin longitudinal wrinkles are greatly reduced.

Faces affected by gravity looked sadder, tired, depressed and generally aged, while faces without gravity looked younger, happier, more confident and more attractive. Elastic fibers are a key component in the process of skin sagging caused by gravity. Elastic fibers are composed of central elastin, fibrillin (Fibrillin-1) and microfibril-associated protein (Fibulin-5), which are self-renewed slowly and at the same time. There is a marked decrease in UV exposure with age.

EleVastin(TM), an extract of spice stalks, can increase the expression of elastin, Fibrillin-1 and Fibulin-5, which are key proteins related to elastic fiber synthesis in fibroblasts, and help the formation of elastic tissue; at the same time inhibit the matrix metalloproteinase MMP -12 activity, protects elastic fibers from degradation.

3. Arnica flower extract - increase skin fat content

Due to aging and ultraviolet radiation, fat cells degenerate and decrease, facial fat is lost, and the fat layer becomes thinner.

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